KashiGaf is here to make non-Japanese speakers or readers to sing along with anime music.
We only post lyrics when we have free time so we don’t really post lyrics the same day the song is released so please be patient  🙂
Requests are prioritized.

Also, don’t be surprised if ever I’m inactive and does not post anything on my twitter. It only means that I have reached my internet’s data limit  XD

When Reading..

  • Kanji = romaji
  • Numbers = romaji
  • Hiragana = romaji
  • Katakana = depends on how the singer pronounce the words so it’ll be either romaji or in English
    • I don’t care if it’s improper not to write Katakana into English. I do this for readers to sing the words easier 🙂

In Requesting..

Requests has been re-opened but only to those who donated. sorry..
Please visit the database page first before requesting  🙂
In that page, you can chose between Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall with  Year
I get a lot of requests that are already listed in the database so please visit the page first before sending a request.

If the song is old, your request will be put under the current season and year.

Please, use Google or the search bar first before requesting.
 No very old song requests. I'm pretty sure the lyrics is around.
 No short anime song lyric requests. They're hard to find :(
   (unless the artist is popular, I can find the songs' "歌詞" (lyrics) )