We’ve been nominated for The Liebster Award!!
Thanks to miharusshi for nominating us!! 😀
Tbh, I’m really surprised that KashiGaf gathered a special attention and managed to have this award. I don’t know how. I’m really lazy and I really just post lyrics when I have a LOT of free time. I gave 40% of that free time to KashiGaf and 60% to anime.
I’m really grateful that this blog? got noticed.

Reading miharusshi’s post, an author of AniRa, the Liebster Award is not an official award, it’s like a chain message where you nominate blogs with less than a thousand followers and it originated from a German blog. “Liebster means beloved?” Oh goody! I just learned some German words again. (The first is of course, nein — learned it from 9gag and the movie The Book Theif).

I personally don’t know anything about this award.
I’m really sorry if I can’t pass this award to someone else since I don’t know any blogs out there. I’m really sorry that I won’t be able to follow the rules#5-8 😦
I’m just being honest. All I do is search for the songs and post the lyrics and then back to watching anime or to my college sh*t.

Again, thank you, miharusshi for this award. 🙂

The Questions to be answered:

What’s your favorite animal? Why?
I’m a dog person so my favorite animal is a dog. I have 2 dogs, btw :3
I want more but mom won’t let us the next question.

What’s your favorite plant? Why?
Hydrangea. Its flowers are really cute, imo. And I like its color. That’s all. I not really knowlegable about plants. meep.

Which foreign language do you really want to learn? State your reasons.
I can speak 2 languages already (Filipino and English) so as an anime lyric blogger, I want to learn Japanese. I can only read their alphabet and some Kanji so understanding comes next.
Yes, gafuu is a Filipino. I’m proud of it.

Which was the subject/class you found easiest to pass? Why was it easiest to pass?
Definitely Physical Education (P.E.)!! No need for reasons but since I’m now in college, I think the easiest is Mathematics. I find the lessons easy especially when I listen to our professor. But there are times that I sleep during class and when exams come, my brain transforms into a potato. I never sleep in Math classes after that exam.

If there’s something that you started doing since childhood, what is it? Or what is something that you have been doing for at least ten years now? What’s the story behind it?
The thing that I’ve been doing since childhood is drawing. It started when I finished defeating the elite 4 of my first Pokemon game, Pokemon Crystal. I got drepressed since I don’t know what to do next when I checked the game’s box and adored the looks of Suicine which, of course I never got in that game. I was 5y/o back then and the gameboy was a Christmas present.

Do you like 2D and 3D animated movies like the ones by Disney? If yes, which is your favorite full-length film in the said category?
Yes? Is Wall-E from Disney? I’ve watched all the movies with Disney princesses in it. It was good. I don’t hate it but I don’t really like it. I just don’t really like the fact that all the princesses are all teenagers except for Elsa. I recently read something that she’s the first non-teenage girl in the Disney line-up.

What’s your most favorite genre of books? List some of the authors that you love who also write works related to that genre.
My favorite genres are fiction and mystery. Aside from mangas and light novels, I also read English novels. I can’t list them all here. My favorite series is The Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan, I like the story better than Percy Jackson & the Olympians. The Blood of Olympus will be out next month!!

What’s your most favorite music genre? Name some of your favorite artists that go with that style.
ROCK!! I’m a fan of All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, We Are The In Crowd, Mayday Parade, Sleeping with Sirens and Arctic Monkeys
Japanese: SCANDAL (pop rock), nano, LiSA, One OK Rock, fripSide, May’n

What is your favorite season? Why?
SUMMER!! Because Summer = pool, beach, chill

Which international organization (i.e. WHO, FAO, UN) would you like to join? Why?
What? Uhh maybe the World Trade Organization because we err.. I can’t really be myself today without the stuff I have from the other country.

What/Who inspired you to blog?
The internet. I get irritated when I can’t find the anime lyrics when I want to sing while the opening or ending theme plays. So I finally made up my mind to start an anime lyric blog.

11 Facts about me:

1. I’m lazy

2. I’m a lefty

3. I can play drums, guitar and bass

4. I watch any movie as long as it catch my attention

5. My favorite movie genres are mystery and thriller

6. I sometimes hate group works

7. I want to be with my friends or my dogs than to be with my parents. They’re annoying. Sush. Don’t lecture me. I’m studying well for them and for myself.

8. I’m a fan of SCANDAL since 2009.

9. I have a total of 203GB of SCANDAL files. (videos, photos, songs -aside from downloading, I also buy from itunes(singles) and yesasia(albums) as a support- )

10. I’m a curious person. I always want to know what happens or question how it works.

11. I wake up at 5:00pm or 6:00pm when I don’t have classes.

Bonus: I easily get hurt when I see someone cries.
I heard the news about the K-Pop group Ladies’ Code. I just can’t help myself. Tears really fell when I saw the funeral videos. I check the news from time to time hoping that the one in coma would survive but God just doesn’t want her to be in pain anymore. You know, as a fellow fan of bands or idols, I can feel half of the fans’ pain. RIP to those two lovely angels.


One thought on “GREAT NEWS!!

  1. Thank you, gafuu, for responding to my nomination! I enjoyed reading through your answers and trivias. XD (Btw, I’m a Filipino, too, in case it isn’t obvious). And yes, that news about Ladies’ Code was really saddening. I can’t imagine the pain the members are in. I hope for their recovery, no matter how long that takes, because they seriously need to take a break from the entertainment business. Ugh, this was really disheartening every time I recall what happened to them. 😦

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